Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Back!!!

So again i was gone... and again I'm so sorrrryyyyy... Took a trip to New York came back sick when I thought i was recovering, I got sick again.. but great news I've decided to eat healthier, exercise and rest more :) So while i was missing in action I made a few changes on things... I added more things to my project 10 pan, started exercising, started eating more fruits and veggies, started drinking lots and lots more [note i said more :)] water, and well the results.. .. ahhh.. well I think its way too soon to conclude..

So recently I've tried to be conscious of my weight. I am currently gaining!! I am also looking at living a healthy lifestyle, which includes a combination of things that seem to me to be what can help me become healthy.  They include: eating the right foods at the right time :) [this is so important I thought it was only about eating the right foods.. but then there are certain things you just dont eat in the night and they are healthy... so its all about timing too], doing appropriate exercises [i thought exercise was exercise... but of course I have target areas I want to lose weight.. :)], getting enough rest per day [way too hard for me but trying.. even if its some cat naps..], thinking positive [oh this goes a long way... thinking healthy thoughts, smiling--as much as I can.. helps with those wrinkles .. lol, reading healthy things], working [yes its important to work ... how can one rest if one does not work.. well in my opinion], play and laugh [its always important to have good laughes during the day .. its healthy come on dont you enjoy a good laugh :) and yes playing is good.. its music for your
childish soul :) ], reading, and for me spending time with those who mean the most to me [God is included here]

In reading the October 2009 issue of women's health i found some really fascinating information that I thought I'll share with you.  First off for those of you who love to drink RedBull energy drink you need to monitor your intake. It is said that research shows that one a day is not harmful but more than once a day can cause a number of complications such as elevated blood pressue, insomnia, stomach irritation and overloading can lead to heart palpitations and seizures. When drinking these energy drinks one also has to be careful as to how much of other caffeinated drinks one intakes. Another interesting fact I came across was why women have intense cravings for sweets on days just before their periods. this is
because when the estrogen level drops there is an increase in mood swings. sweets goodies then to give us that boost of "happy feelings". It is recommended though that when taking these sweet treats that you increase fiber in your diet. estrogen attaches itself to fiber the magazine quoted and when it does so it [estrogen] exits the body as waste, so the more you eat the lower your overall hormone levels.

Well food for thought right!  Let me know what you guys think.. or are thinking...