Monday, October 12, 2009

Project 5 pan extended to 7 :)

So I have two additions to my Project 5 pan (P5P) :) I initially thought I would not have enough items to make 10 pans but it so happens that I may very well end up with 10 pans.  However, right now I am only adding two items, my ELF blush and contour powder and my Mac full coverage foundation [which i use many times as concealer...] After I made the post about P5P the next use of my blush and contour duo i hit pan on the blush side... and then i hit pan on the foundation a while back but couldn't find it when i was doing the post.. so here are my two additions

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Haul: Sephora...Stila products

I had this haul to post about a month back, Sephora has a special with these two Stila products
This set contains:

- 0.28 oz Stila Sun Bronzing Powder SPF 15 in Shade 2 (sheer warm matte bronze)

- 0.317 oz Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Gold (light golden champagne sheen)
I haven't tried these as yet but as soon as I do I will do a review..
This is how the packaging looks...

FOTD: Gracie

The look is not called Gracie, however, that is the name of the "model" [who happens to be my lovely cousin].  She just visited and I decided to give her a face makeover :) I did not get to take a pic of her before look but she does not wear makeup often, and prefers to look natural.  She has major discoloration on her face, I had to use four different shades of foundation on your face along with three different shades of concealer.  She wanted her eyes to be very simple.. Most of the products used were from NYX [foundation, finishing, concealer, setting powder, eyeshadow, lip liner] and ELF's Studio line [blush and contour, complexion perfection, warm bronzer, mascara].  Brushes used [both face and eyes] were all from here is the look I created..

I kept begging her to smile, but she was afraid to show teeth :) I plan to bring her over again and try a few more looks, I gave her a few products to use on her face to try help with the multiple discoloration.

EOTD: October 6, 2009

So on Tuesday October 6, I decided to pull out my Sacha's neutral palette and start using it again... I will post pics of the palette asap and show swatches and give a review.  My friend and co-makeup junkie Nikkita :) also plans on doing a review on this palette so you guys look out for the two reviews... but this is the look i got.. again please excuse my eyebrows.. i'm really playing around with it, growing it .. waxing.. growing.., because i have not found a "style" that i would love to keep.. so until then i have to keep growing it out and trying again.. so anyways off to the look :)

Let me know what you think...

All colors used can be found in the 14 pan palette

Thursday, October 8, 2009

EOTD: last friday October 2, 2009

know the title sounds confusing to the sense that it says Eye of the day :) well this look that i'm sharing was a  look I did last friday, i got sooooooooo many compliments that when I reached home i decided to take pics... which was like 5-6 hours after application.  I basically used pigments i bought online from ebay [you can view that haul and see swatches of the pigments here: ]  I did not pay much for these pigments, but I was really impressed with their quality. this is the look i got.. i used my regular mascara from maybelline and my black ultra liner from avon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

EOTD: smokey blue...

So this is my first attempt at a smokey look.  To be honest i always felt that  the smokey look did not look good on me.  I felt i looked like someone punched me in the eye :)  however this is my attempt.  I used many colors from my novel twist cool palette

At first i felt like I was not getting anywhere..since I never did a smokey eye before I was rather apprehensive... but this was what i ended up with.. one of my major challenges was on how dark to go.. i did not a too smoked out eye :) please let me know what you think... also I took the pics like 4 hours after I applied.. so excuse the rest of my face i was really tired...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project 5 Pan

Now i know a lot of makeup junkies like myself are doing what we call "Project 10 pan"... but im not that ambitious lol... but i am holding back with buying... so below are my items for my Project 5 pan

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in mediumdark/ natural and shimmer [using it for like a month now] , Loreal hip in saucy [had this for like 8 months its my first go to when i want to do a quick look], nyx lip pencil in coffee [my fav.. have a backup.. used this all the time and had it for like a year now] maybelline the collosal volum' express mascara in black [used to be my fav... now it just wont finish :)] and avon magix face perfector spf 20 [primer, have been using this for about 3 months]

I was thinking I may have other products [lippies] that I can add to this.. maybe I will update this  post another time.. but for now these are my Project 5 pan items ...

EOTD: burgundy with brown and green...

This is the looked i got today,... wasn't sure what i was going for when i started.. i just started pulling out colors and trying them.... this is what i ended up with...

I have Mac's pigment in gold stroke as a base color on the lid added henna in the crease then added some old gold on top of it.. took a Loreal Hip duo in cheeky took the dark color added it to my crease.. and then took the plum color and touched up the inner 2/3 of my lid and i used an ulta shadow as highlighter... not sure what to call this look ... lol... :) ... and this pic was taken out about 5-6 hours after i put it on...