Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The issue of blogging....

So I've decided to really time extra hard to find time blog.. so as I eat my dinner here at the pc (which is not a good thing) I'm blogging.. Marsha i hope you're proud of me and my effort :) so my friend Marsha Sinanan from Aesthetic Glory decided that she would blog often.. not only did she decide that she would blog often, but she decided to motivate others around her to either blog or keep blogging... :)
But in all truth... I miss blogging.. today driving to pick up my kids the issue of blogging was on my mind.... I realized that my scope for blogging was mainly on beauty... and then I thought, maybe if i expand my scope on topics to blog on maybe then i'll blog more :) So just like Marsha, I will attempt to just blog.. blog about whats on my mind, blog about experiences, blog about food :) (no  Marsha not sharing my Thanksgiving story :)), blog about customer service in Trinidad and Tobago.. lol, blog about things i face day to day... so now that i've started here.. please give me some advice on other things you would like me to blog about... and Marsha you better comment :) lol.. have a good one pplz...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reeleesweet: Little Bit of a Storage Change

I absolutely love her storage containers... I need to reorganize my stuff too ..
Hey Rhea, i want some of the orange and pink ones.. my two favorite colors... :)
Reeleesweet: Little Bit of a Storage Change: "Hey lovelies! Happy Monday night. I stopped by Better Value in Gulf View San Fernando today and found some baskets that made me want to ch..."