Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wonderful world April 2013 Sale 👛

I was elated to hear that Wonderful World (WW) was going to have their sale. The last sale I was able to snag some of the mineral blushes and bronzer. They had some lippies but by the time I made my way to WW all of those were sold out. For this sale, I was able to make the sale the first day at the Grand Bazaar branch only to be told that they didn't have sale on the makeup products but after asking them to scan a few items I realize that makeup products were on sale but they didn't tag the products. After a couple tries for prices the store sales rep got irritated and I stopped. Today I happened to be in the Trincity area and yes WW (the newest of the two) was opened. I was elated. I must say thanks to my hubby and kids who were so patient in allowing me to spend almost 45 mins in the store. I had to see how much of the sales I could snap for you 😍😍.
Below are a couple pics and I am also attempting to make a list of the items I found on sale. I also saw two other bloggers mention items so I will list those also and state who I got it from so you can check out their page or youtube channel. I also did 2 Keeks (sweetzrv) so you can see. Will try to hit up a couple more stores and let you know what I find. Can't promise when but as soon as I do I'll post 😊

China glaze crackle $20 Trincity mall (eyecandyspecial said she got it for $10)
Milani foundation $7 light shades
Milani runaway eye shadow palettes $42
Milani baked eyeshadows $39
Milani runaway eye shadows single $23
Milani black magic duo eyeliner $35
Milani holographic nail polish $23
Milani 3D lipgloss -$11 (beautyfreaknful page)
Milani lip mixers $9
Sinful colors nail polishes $10
NYx pearl eye shadows $25
Jordana in color eyeshadow single $0.50
Bras with lace cami $15-$18
Kids sunglasses $6-$10

Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: Santee Color pop palette

Santee Color Pop Palette

Cost: $12.95 at Pennywise Cosmetics Trinidad
This palette consist of 18 eyeshadows in a plastic compact. The shadows are of three finishes: you get matte, shimmer and glitter shadows.
In swatching this palette, the bright colors like the purple and the blush along with the greens are pretty pigmented. I had no hopes for this palette, I was attracted to it because of two reasons, one the colors looked so pretty and two I saw matte colors and i got excited :)
In swatching these shadows I realise that about 5 out of the 18 were not well pigmented. about 10 out of the 18 shadows were also chalky in nature. Some of the very pigmented colors did appear to be a bit chalky so one would definitely have to use a base.
Application: Like I said in swatching the shadows quite a few appeared to be quite chalky. One would definitely need to use primer and a base for these shadows.
Wear time: The wear time for these seem to be about 3-4 hours. I used a base and primer and did not get a long wear. I however went for a more neutral eye with just a pop of color, Did not use the really pigmented blue and purple.

I would rate this palette a 2.5 out of 5. It isn't something I would repurchase. However, there is still some sort of merit in some of the colors as its not all together bad. For the person who loves color, this palette would work well. for the person who is now starting out their collection, this palette would be a good addition.