Friday, October 8, 2010

Mac Pigment Samples...

So I decided to do a little shopping in trying out some of Mac pigments.  I have a few and I wanted to try out a few to see their formulation before purchasing the jars themselves.  Upon checking around i came across "The Beauty Sampler" This site has their samples for $2.49US for most pigments and you get about 1/4 teaspoon of product. The 2.49 does not include shipping cost. So here's what i got..I added the names next to the pigments..

I haven't tried out any really i will swatch them soon and post it for you to see.. but so far from what i'm seeing i love bell bottom blue, accent red and fuchsia...
look out for swatches over the weekend..

September Favorites

So here are my september favorites...
  • Avon Magix in medium... absolutely love this as a face primer... definitely will repurchase as i have hit pan with it already.. one negative is that it does not last as long as the original Magix.
  • Elf makeup remover wipes.. they really does the job for $3US awesome..
  • Up and Up maximum strength acne medication.. put this on a pimple overnight and pimple shrinks to less than half of its size.. sometimes overnight does the trick is drying up the pimple... really great product..
  • Revlon Colorstay in Golden Caramel love this stuff... i keep changing shades that is my only problem... :( no fault of Revlon's 
  • Elf mineralize lipgloss in Sorority Girl.. my favorite lipgloss for september, i've had this one since May and i used it throughout may and june then i changed to another gloss and this month i went back to it... its almost finish but there is lots in that little bottle.. its definitely worth every penny, i would say its even comparable to Mac lipglosses in its formulation.. wish Elf had a wider color range..
  • Mac Hello Kitty Tinted lip condition spf 15 in popstar.. you saw this in my september favorites.. and its here again love this stuff... 
  • and my  Maybelline New York, The collosal volume express waterproof mascara in black.. love this stuff. Does add a bit of volume, but love the fact that it is waterproof... and that it works.

    So there you have it my September favorites.... did a little haul on some Mac pigment samples from the Beauty Sampler will post those soon..

    Items added to project 10 pan

    So i'm adding these items to my Project 10 pan.  my Avon Magix in medium and my Elf mineralize lipgloss in Sorority Girl.  absolutely love these two.. they are also in my September favorite..