Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm back....!!!

hey all i know i've been out for most of this month... too much drama was happening in my life. My two DS got sick and one had Dengue Fever which I do plan on blogging the whole ordeal to help other moms who are in similar situations. One thing I thought was rather helpful was searching online for information, since I was able to read cases up cases of parents who were in similar situations and how they were able to take care of their child. I have to continue my review on my Lush soaps, Suds n Sass [i will show my haul] and also share with you my new favorite way to spend my past time.... making my own soap, massage bars and bath bombs...

So onto my Suds n Sass haul Elizabeth really has a talent [some of her soaps can be dupes to Lush and BBW) her soaps smell awesome [haven't use them yet] and she has great customer service. Definitely recommend her store.

Here's what i got [i got all soaps]

  • Shea Butter soap in Toffee-Sugar Crunch [Lush's HIWTK dupe] with brown sugar as the additives

  • Goat's Milk soap in Liquid Crack [Lush's Rockstar dupe] with strawberry seeds

  • Goat's Milk soap in blackberry Cobbler with strawberry seeds

  • Shea butter soap in vanilla bean noel [bbw dupe] with brown sugar

All those were over 5 -5.5 oz in weight.. pretty big bar for the cost..

Then i got a 2 oz heart shape soap in Strawberry Taffy made with shea butter and strawberry seeds as the additive and a bundt but i dont remember what i bought the writing on the label was rubbed off but i know its shea butter and brown sugar as additive.

Monday, June 1, 2009

FOTD: June 1, 2009

So i realise that i dont get too much time during the week to blog. because of this i told myself i will try to spend at least 10 mins to blog on something :) so yayy.. i did this look today after realising that i hadn't use my ud deluxe palette for about 2 months. so i did this look. I used honey in the corners of my eyes to the first 1/3, then i used graffiti on the next 1/3, and then underground in the last 1/3 and outer v. I used shag to help with the blending and scratch as my eyelighter. I am test running the LA liquid liner in brown and i used that to line my upper lash line and Avon's luxury liner in dark brown for my water line. I used my collosal mascara in black to top it all off.. :)

For my face i used:
  • Avon's Magix as my primer,
  • then i used my mac full coverage foundation as concealer [love the consistency]
  • to set it i used my everyday minerals foundation [can't remember my shade :( ]. I also used some fix +
  • and then the edm powder.
  • For blush and contour i used an estee lauder blush and contour duo [i got this as a gift from a friend]
  • for highlighting i used a quad highlighter from Avon
  • on my lips i have nyx coffee lip liner
  • and nyx black label lipstick in dusty rose [my new love]