Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sacha Cosmetics...who me???

I'm intrigued!!
I usually go to Sacha Cosmetics Image Center (SCIC) in West Mall to get waxed (eyebrows and upper lips). I hardly ever let anyone do my eyebrows except hubby, but when he's not available I head to SCIC. There is only one lady I allow to touch my face. I needed to get my upper lip wax so last evening I stepped into SCIC.  While I was being waxed I saw my boys busy looking at eyeshadows, the mommy in me blurted out please don't touch and break anything. ☺ when I was cashing out one of my sons said mom wait I need to cash out too... I was like huh??
He saw an eyeshadow and liked it for me ... How cute right?? I was like no hun don't buy .. He insisted and I asked to see but he wanted to pay for it first. 
So heres my gift 
Sacha Cosmetics Iced Champagne

First Impressions? 
I am incredibly shocked. Like you can't really imagine how taken back I am. I really have had a negative view on Sacha's eyeshadows. Having bought the quads and trios (yes like 5-7 years ago 😳) I hated them - chalky, chunky, lacked pigmentation, some had "a crust on the top" I really never got use out of them. 
I was torn between accepting a gift and not liking a brand. 

New thoughts???

I'm SUPER IMPRESSED!!! If my son did not buy this shadow I would have had that old ideology of Sacha's eyeshadows. I'm really impressed so much that Im considering breaking my Project Pan 20 to try out some more!! But I won't!! However, now I will create a wish list lol

Please share your thought on your favorite Sacha Cosmetics products!!