Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why some eyeshadows dont adhere to the eyelids....

I've gotten this question, of recent, a number of times.. so I've decided to share this information with you.
There can be a number of reasons but here are Four main reasons.. (feel free to leave a comment below sharing your secret :) )
1. Primer:  You need to use an eye primer - the elf eyelid primer does not work well with everyone for some people its a hit and others its a miss (not good) for me personally i used urban decay primer potion or too faced shadow insurance.. people generally always opt to try the cheaper ones first .. but investing in a good primer is ideal.. many times when i tell people about the higher-end brands they would inform me that they would see others using cheaper ones and it works.. its important to know that not all skin types will adapt to one product you may need to change your primer..
2. you may need a base like the NYX jumbo eye pencil or MAC's paint pots/shade sticks.. most shadows (and especially pigments) need something to stick to.. with the primer it just helps the lid to have a "flat" surface for your eyeshadows/pigments to go on.. it also helps with wrinkles and fine lines .. but with the eye base it creates a surface for the shadows/pigments to stick too
3. Lastly, it can be your brush.. if your brush bristles aren't firm and fluffy you will get a very sheer application the stiffer the bristles are packed not stiff to scratch but how dense they are pack together for example elf eyeshadow brush or mac's 239 brush bristles are densely packed and they give great pay off and helps to pack on eye color
4. Application of eyeshadow/pigment (thanks Maryam for reminding me) if you sweep the eyeshadow on to your lids you will sweep away the color if you pat the eyeshadow/pigment on it adheres to the base better.. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

My new love--palette

So this is my new love.. the elf warm black beauty book
contains 28 eyeshadows and 20 lip colors..

To be honest i've never liked lip palettes.. but this one is really nice very moiturizing with enough color payoff for me.. the bottom row on the lip side is pigmented.
the eyeshadows have three finishes, matte, satin, and shimmer/frost .. some of the mattes aren't pigmented and thats okay i didn't have much hopes for those as most companies including mac don't ever get those super pigmented.. but the color payoff was amazing in my opinion for the cost.. they were great ..

the above photo has swatches of the eyeshadows so you can see i used a Q-tip to do the swatches. I swatched a variety of finishes. honestly the ones that look a bit faint are the matte colors... but check out that RED its of a satin finish its one of the best reds i've ever encountered in my life.  The other red that i know is super pigmented is from Inglot. The red alone in this palette makes this palette a must have. This is super nice to travel with and its pigmented enough that you can take it :) and it has a really nice size mirror.
For those interested in purchasing this palette and you live in Trinidad you can check Haléner Rustique
cost is $50ttd and you can also enter their blog giveaway to get the cool version to this palette (i haven't used that one as yet--review will come )
For those in the US you can check elf's

Is this palette affordable?  for $50ttd or $5usd.. its amazing
Is this palette worth the buy.. oh yes it does the eyeshadows alone are worth the buy.. with that red...the browns are great too..Would i repurchase .. yes i would if and whenever it finishes :)
Would i recommend this palette.. oh yes i would.. i suggest you all go and get yourself one of these.. "go get you some!!"