Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why some eyeshadows dont adhere to the eyelids....

I've gotten this question, of recent, a number of times.. so I've decided to share this information with you.
There can be a number of reasons but here are Four main reasons.. (feel free to leave a comment below sharing your secret :) )
1. Primer:  You need to use an eye primer - the elf eyelid primer does not work well with everyone for some people its a hit and others its a miss (not good) for me personally i used urban decay primer potion or too faced shadow insurance.. people generally always opt to try the cheaper ones first .. but investing in a good primer is ideal.. many times when i tell people about the higher-end brands they would inform me that they would see others using cheaper ones and it works.. its important to know that not all skin types will adapt to one product you may need to change your primer..
2. you may need a base like the NYX jumbo eye pencil or MAC's paint pots/shade sticks.. most shadows (and especially pigments) need something to stick to.. with the primer it just helps the lid to have a "flat" surface for your eyeshadows/pigments to go on.. it also helps with wrinkles and fine lines .. but with the eye base it creates a surface for the shadows/pigments to stick too
3. Lastly, it can be your brush.. if your brush bristles aren't firm and fluffy you will get a very sheer application the stiffer the bristles are packed not stiff to scratch but how dense they are pack together for example elf eyeshadow brush or mac's 239 brush bristles are densely packed and they give great pay off and helps to pack on eye color
4. Application of eyeshadow/pigment (thanks Maryam for reminding me) if you sweep the eyeshadow on to your lids you will sweep away the color if you pat the eyeshadow/pigment on it adheres to the base better.. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

My new love--palette

So this is my new love.. the elf warm black beauty book
contains 28 eyeshadows and 20 lip colors..

To be honest i've never liked lip palettes.. but this one is really nice very moiturizing with enough color payoff for me.. the bottom row on the lip side is pigmented.
the eyeshadows have three finishes, matte, satin, and shimmer/frost .. some of the mattes aren't pigmented and thats okay i didn't have much hopes for those as most companies including mac don't ever get those super pigmented.. but the color payoff was amazing in my opinion for the cost.. they were great ..

the above photo has swatches of the eyeshadows so you can see i used a Q-tip to do the swatches. I swatched a variety of finishes. honestly the ones that look a bit faint are the matte colors... but check out that RED its of a satin finish its one of the best reds i've ever encountered in my life.  The other red that i know is super pigmented is from Inglot. The red alone in this palette makes this palette a must have. This is super nice to travel with and its pigmented enough that you can take it :) and it has a really nice size mirror.
For those interested in purchasing this palette and you live in Trinidad you can check Haléner Rustique
cost is $50ttd and you can also enter their blog giveaway to get the cool version to this palette (i haven't used that one as yet--review will come )
For those in the US you can check elf's

Is this palette affordable?  for $50ttd or $5usd.. its amazing
Is this palette worth the buy.. oh yes it does the eyeshadows alone are worth the buy.. with that red...the browns are great too..Would i repurchase .. yes i would if and whenever it finishes :)
Would i recommend this palette.. oh yes i would.. i suggest you all go and get yourself one of these.. "go get you some!!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


so yes I have been MIA for a while.. i keep saying i'm back ... :)
well while i was MIA i made a couple of videos.. here's the link
make up reviews are coming soon too, I am in the process of taking photos out :) ... so keep checking back.. I'm here to blog !! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Rouane Lipsticks

Rouane lipsticks

Left to Right
Romance (coral with gold) and Sangria (Bold blue purple lippie but looks more like a red blue lipstick)

Cost is about $8ttd not expensive at all.. and can be purchased at Pennywise. Both colors look great on my hand but on my lips..... not so great. Well i guess my preference at this time is for nude lavender pink mauve kinda color :) but in my opinion neither color looks great on my lips. Texture... they are pretty moisturizing not hard at all easy to apply, and soft to the touch. they apply very smooth. on the left i did one swatch and on the right is two swatches they are very pigmented. For the cost i think they are great to help add to any collection. The color variety for this brand isn't that big and nudes are hard to find, i dont know if its because they are always sold out :) anyone else who is familiar with this brand please let me know if there are nude colors.. i would love to tried out some new colors.
The packaging is pretty cheap but nothing horrible to work with..
Would i repurchase.. yes and no yes i would repurchase this brand .. and no i wont repurchase these colors... the Romance color is a coral color and that is the color for spring and summer this year.. but somehow it does not work with me..

LipStick collection

Lipstick collection.......not a lipstick fan!!

Brand and color from left to right

Mac its a frost but the name rub off; mac amorous (satin); mac another frost name rubbed off.. this was my first mac lipstick very close to my lip color; Wet n Wild 906D; elf Classy; nyx Diamond lipstick in ds04 sparkling dusty rose; Maybelline Witty; Avon ultra color rich 24k in k501 nude gold; Rouane Romance; Rouane Sangria; Jordana matte Lavender lady (my new favorite)

The last three i bought recently due to Maryam Keens Douglas who did a post of some lippies she bought at Pennywise.

Review on the lipsticks soon to come!!!

Project Pan

So recently i've been blogging on my Facebook account, but I will try to keep my blogging here as much as possible.  I wanted to do a project 10 pan because I realise i was buying products since the beginning of the year and not consuming stuff I had in my collection and now I have so many things that I find myself repurchasing products I have not yet completed.  So I decided to finally start my project pan, and wow I did have more than 10 items.  Actually, I have 14 items.  So until, I use out these products I am not purchasing anymore makeup.. but if someone wants to send me a gift or purchase anything.. i'll always welcome makeup :) lol....
I have to post a collective haul also of things I have bought recently... so interestingly that post will come after this.. but its not items that I've purchased since I started my Project 14 pan (which started yesterday April 19, 2011)

Face items:
  • Clinique even better skin tone corrector
  • Clinique turnaround concentrate
  • Elf mist and set
  • Revlon Photoready foundation
  • Avon Magix face perfector 
  • Elf Pressed Powder
  • Everyday Minerals pressed powder
  • Urban Decay primer potion
  • Loreal Hip duo in Saucy
  • Sally girl mascara in black
  • La colors liquid eyeliner in brown
  • Two MAC lipsticks that I've had almost a year now and the names rubbed off
  • Elf Luscious lipstick in Maple Sugar
So hopefully These things can finish before summer so i can get some new goodies.. I think i have like 3 more items I can add but when I find them (somewhere in a hand bag :) I will add them to this list....

So no more shopping for me :)

Who wants to join me..??

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My February Favorites!!!

So i've finally found sometime to do some blogging.  The past weeks have been crazy with all that is going on in my life.  I've finally reached to a point where i can slow down a bit.  There are so many reviews and hauls to post i will try to find the time to do both. 

I also have to do my February favorites which I will do in this blog as we are so into march already..... 
So my february favorites are:
Face: my go to foundation for this month is my Clinique Superfit in Vanilla... i've been loving this because its a liquid to powder formulation and its been great in terms of coverage and keeping my face from getting really crazy with oil. 
Primer has to be my avon magic and I also use Elf Mist and set and so far i'm loving it (review soon to come)
Blush will have to be elf's blushing rose
setting powder would be my everyday mineral pressed powder in golden olive
And bronzer/highlighter is my elf golden bronzer
and for face brushes i've started using my elf flat top long handle kabuki, i think its a dupe for sigma's flat top kabuki.. (review soon to come)
Eyes: I've been using Halener Rustique's pigments for lid i've been loving, darling, my jewel, OMG.  for highlight serenity and angellic have been my go to.  for crease, brisk and desire and inner corner of eye would be lightnin
i've also been grabbin my starry warm palette which i really love (need to post my project 10 pan which this is part of)
eyeliner:  milani automatic liner in black waterline and my ebay gel liner in black for lid
no special favorite in mascara
for lips i've been grabbing my Mac's bronzed colored lipstick whose name i can't remember and it was rubbed off :(  and i've been grabbing the beauty treats lip balm in 02 bliss which i got from my swap with Maryam Keens Douglas (review soon to come)
and of course my favorite lip liner brand NYX this time i've been grabbing for the color Natural.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Products I loved in December 2010

Products I’m loving right now
There are a few new products I’m loving and I find myself drawn to them during the month of November… so in a sense this can be called my November favorites.. some of the products however have been in my October favorites 
     My elf complexion brush.. I love using this for a light application of blush or for highlighting my cheek bones… awesome brush
     My elf mineral primer… so I started using this product mainly to review it and do a comparison to the udpp (cant say TFSI  simply because it just doesn’t work for me) and I’ve end up using this more than my udpp.  It does not have as long a staying power as udpp has for me.. **udpp lasts more than 12 hours for me **.  This mineral primer lasts around 8 hours on average, if I’m in the sun it works up to about 6 hours which is great for me.  So as a cheaper alternative to my udpp I’m definitely repurchasing… I tend to grab this more often since my work day is generally about 6 hours if I know my day will be longer and I have to be in the sun I will grab my udpp as long as I’m wearing eye makeup… but it’s a great alternative… definitely recommend
     Nyx eye jumbo pencil in milk… I’ve started using this almost everyday now… I usually use it like once or twice, but since I’ve been swatching my pigments with it I realized that I love the color payoff with it so now I’m grabbing it everytime I do eyemakeup.. my poor other pencils are suffering… I am so upset I have like 5 of mac’s shadesticks…. :( need to do a review on this soon.. wont recommend
     Nyx lip gloss,  I paid $15 for this at wonderful world it was originally $40 but apparently no one was buying it and  was clearance out now I know it’s a possibility that this product is “old” stock so I’ve decided to try using it as often as possible instead of grabbing my elf’s mineral lip gloss (great dupe for mac’s lipglass) I have the color in ...ahh i can't remember this gloss works amazing.. now some might say it’s a bit too sticky but its not all that bad.. its not too thin but its not too sticky its sticky enough to grab unto your lips and stay for a while.. I think it has great staying power if you don’t go crazy with your lips… I have consumed food and still had this lipgloss on.  Would definitely recommend and repurchase…
     My nyx long lip liner…I absolutely love this product.. can’t say when I’ll repurchase since one lasts me close to 2 years.. lol and I have 2 new ones and 1 I’ve started using and then my infamous one that has been on my project 10 pan for more than a year 
     My favorite blush this month was a color I made for my business Halener Rustique called “Winter Queen” as a pigment it is very versatile.. being a pink/mauve/rose color it  great to give ur cheeks some color and its buildable.. if you want a more rosey cheek you can just build it or if you want to use it for a light color its also great as a highlighter if you use a light fluffy brush… awesome color (if I don’t say so myself  )
     Favorite eyeshadow honestly would come from pigments from my store, I’ve been using rocksinger in my crease a lot which is a close dupe to one of Mac's eyeshadow which again i can't remember or according to Marsha from Aesthetic Glory, it is a dupe..  thanks Marsha… on my lid I’m going for Apple candy (which I’m also using as a highlighter and blush), spiced pumpkin.  I’ve also grabbed my Urban Decay shadow in “Baked” quite a few times as it’s a great highlight color or even as a lid color when I want just a simply bollywood neutral eye look…
     Clinique’s Foundation Superfit  I’ve used this for about half of November.. and I’m loving it it has a powder finish.. so I call it my liquid to powder… have about medium coverage which is what I generally go for… or a full coverage… has long staying powder which is what I love best about it…I applied it with my mac 187 stippling brush.. I think this application works best with this foundation.. I heard that mac’s 109 works well but I love my 187
So those are the products I’m loving that I can remember now  if I have any other will definitely post….

That was a post I had to do since the beginning of December and blogger wasn't allowing me to upload.. I will do a compilation of products i loved in 2010 and products i'm currently loving...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Products I regret buying

So I just watched a video on youtube and the person was saying products they regretted buying and i thought oh my i recently went through my collection and took out somethings I thought to myself I should not have bought.  So here is my January list of products I regretted buying.  Most of these items were either bought this month or last month (december 2010)
  1. Profound Eyeliner waterproof in black:  when i saw this liner i fell in love with the richness of the black from the liner i tested it out at the store and was "wowed-out!!" but when i bought it home to use it, i wasn't wowed out again :( yes the blackness of the liner is really true its not a dead black its really vibrant, but it takes longer than most liquid liners to dry so if you're in a hurry its a no no... then i noticed after an hour of wearing it my eyelids left itchy and after a while i couldn't help but itch them :) and boy did i get a realization. the liner started "flaking" off well more or less i could have peeled the liner off my lid....omg such a disappointment :( Cost $18 at Wonderful World..
  2. Klean Color waterproof mascara in black, i saw a review on Facebook about this mascara and i thought why not try it out the person did rave about it.  Well it is waterproof tested it during my Christmas vacation, but i have sensitive eyes and omg my eyes would burn with this mascara, i thought at first that maybe i had something in my eyes, but then i realise everytime i wore this mascara my eyes be irritated and have a burning sensation.. $15 at Wonderful World (i think its $15 or $12)
  3. Santee Liquid eyeliner and pencil eye liner.  I saw this at pennywise and I thought i should give it a try as it seemed something worthwhile to test.  but its a disappointment the pencil eye liner is a dull black and the liquid liner is a true black but has an awful scent and takes longer than the Profound liner to dry, i remember counting up to 60 seconds and it wasn't dried.  the tip is also a bit flimsy also.  Cost $9.95 at Pennywise.
  4. Elf All over cover stick, in Rosey Beige.  The color was a problem and the stick is soft.. it does not blend well on my skin and i just dont like it :) $1US at 
  5. Elf eyebrow Treat and Tame in medium:  I was hoping this product would work for me, i bought the dark and that was way too dark and the medium is more of a reddish brown :( and it dries up very quickly i bearly have this product for about 3 weeks and its almost dried out already on the (Tame side) having tried it like 3 times. $3US at
  6. Wet n Wild lipstick in number 906D its more of a bright burgundy red color.  The color does not suit me but the consistency of this lipstick is really hard and dry.  It does not guild on your lips and you have to wear a lipgloss with it.  it dries out your lip also, so you need to wear a lipbalm with it. $2.99US at CVS
  7. Loreal HIP duo in Brazen.  I love my HIP i love most of the products from this line, but this particular duo is hard.. this has to be the bad product in the batch it was produced in.  i can't get the shadow to pick up on my brush i tried scraping it off but then again when i apply my brush it just glides over it bearly picking up any product.. and this is with both colors.. so disappointed.  I bought this one at Pennywise can't remember how much i paid for it... 
  8. Sacha Fix-It spray Plus for Oily Skin - So my sister loves this product.. (not sure why) and I had the older Fix It from Sacha and hated it and then my sister asked me to purchase the new one for her .. and she told me it was  better than the first one... well guess what it isn't.. it just doesn't work for me.. i swear i spray on oil on my face because after a while my face gets so oily.  when i dont use the product my face does not get as oily as when I do use it.  New name, new packaging new price, same old product!!! $30TTD at Pennywise

So there are my 8 products I regret buying.. What in your recent or past purchases have you regret buying????
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Today's Devotion from Joel Osteen

The Wind is Blowing


“...‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty”
(Zechariah 4:6, NIV)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Are you struggling or striving to make something happen? Maybe you need a breakthrough in your finances or in a relationship. It’s good to do everything we know to do in the natural, but we have to always remember that victory doesn’t come by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the living God.
One translation says, “It’s by the breath of Almighty God.” When you know God is breathing in your direction and dare to take a leap of faith and say, “Yes, this is my time; I’m going to accomplish my dreams,” that’s when you will feel a wind beneath your wings. That’s when you’ll feel a supernatural lift, an anointing that will help you accomplish what you could not accomplish on your own.
Today, know that the wind of God is blowing. This is your season. This is your time to believe again. Believe that God can open doors that no man can shut. Believe that He is working behind the scenes in your favor. Believe that it’s your season, it’s your time and get ready to embrace every blessing He has in store for you!

I Need to blog I need to blog :)

I told myself that with this new year i would make an extra effort to blog more... well its January 27, 2011 and I'm now blogging.  Life is so busy, but I need to find time to blog.  So I will try to make an extra effort in blogging.  I recently took out some new pics with my new cam :) yayyy and they came out gorgeous.. so i'll share them with you..