Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My new Project - Products to Finish

Products to Finish (PIF) is where I plan to use up a number of product by December 31, 2013. I started this project July 11, 2013. I decided to make a list but won't list the exact item until I see it is close to finishing. I really want to use up items but not be on the typical Project Pan, as I would still like to have the option of being able to purchase items.  So here is my list and it's not limited As i need to use up as many products by the end of this year. 

Products to Finish
Products I want to finish 
1 face moisturizer
1 face primer
2 foundations/bb cream
2 setting powders
1 contour bronzer
1 blush
1 setting spray 
1 eyeshadow primer ??
1 eye shadow base
Complete 3 eyeshadowz
1 eyeliner pencil
1 eyeliner pen/liquid 
1 mascara primer
3-4 mascaras
1 brow product
2 lip balm
2 lip liners
1-2 lipstick
1 lipgloss 
eye makeup removers
3 pk of wipes
1 eye cream
1 night cream 
1 cleanser 
3-4 body lotions/butters
4 body washes 
2 splashes
2 perfumes
4 inexpensive toilettes 
3 hair treatment/oils 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My new go to Purple blushes

These are my new go to purple blushes. I love my La Femme Lilac Champagne blush but I'm afraid to use it all up. So now I'm using my other purple blushes. My four go to purple blushes are
Coastal Scents blush too palette- the purple blush approximate cost $1.59usd 
Inglot Matte eyeshadow in #392
La femme blush in purple passion
La femme blush in mulberry
What's your favorite purple blush would love a recommendation 😍😍

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rouane lipsticks and swatches

Here we have the five (5) Rouane lipsticks that I own. Before this year I only had one (1) lipstick from this brand - Romance. Romance has a gorgeous golden peach undertone that caught my eye. I, however, hardly used this lipstick. I then purchased Paradise Pink- gorgeous gorgeous blue toned pink. After falling in love with these two I ventured out into getting three more. So now I own Cafe au lait, Purple madness, Sangria, Paradise pink, Romance. These lipsticks are mainly available at Pennywise (Trinidad and Tobago) even though it's available in some beauty and variety stores. I've only purchased mine at Pennywise Grand Bazaar - $7.95ttd ($1.24usd)

Rouane lipsticks are pretty creamy and are opaque. Swatches in the picture below we're done with 1-2 swatches. Amazing pigmentation for the cost. Wear-time is pretty decent also and it does stain your lips. One of my drawbacks with this lipstick is that there isn't a wide color selection available. Another drawback is that the lipsticks have the old traditional lipstick scents. I'm not too fancy about this 😞. But all in all I do think they are worth the buy!!
I would rate these lipsticks 4 out of 5

Rouane Cafe au lait, Purple madness, Sangria, Paradise pink, Romance