Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Season's Greetings..

Just wanted to wish you all the very best for the new year.  I have tried uploading a number of posts but Blogger keeps rejecting it... not sure if there is a problem with my account... Hope all is well with you...

what did u get for christmas..??

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Nyx long lip pencils

I have used this product for almost two years now. I know I’m only now doing the review that I promised so long. I bought this pencil at about two years ago for $1.99. at that time also they had a sale going Buy 1 get 1 free so I choose rose and natural simply because most of my lipsticks and lipglosses are mainly rose mauve, natural/neutral colors. To my luck it has taken me almost 1 ½ years to finish 1 pencil, I’m almost complete with Rose. Now its important to note that I use this almost 4-5 times a week sometimes two times a day if I’m going out at night. Since I got this lipliner I haven’t used any other lip pencil… so faithfully I use it almost everyday and it has lasted me for almost two years…. I absolutely think that this product is amazing not only because of the bang for the buck experience but this pencil has the perfect tone for outlining my lips even Natural is amazing. Another thing I noticed is that this product did not go “bad” on me even though I used it for so long. I tried Natural a few days ago just to see if it was still in tact and amazingly it was…

Another good point about this lip pencil is that it says on your lips even after you’ve finish eating or drinking or whatever you’re doing with your lips  so when you apply lipstick or gloss you don’t have to worry about reapplying your liner… now generally I know most lip liners last pretty well.. like avon’s and even avon’s color trends (love the natural in this line also), sephora, cover girl.. la color most lip liners work well but if you want a bang for ur buck and you generally use one lip liner.. I would suggest you try nyx long lip pencil.. please note its not the same as the regular nyx lip pencil… (follow the link to to view/purchase)

so my question is.. is it a really great buy.. ?? for me it is.. but for those of you who like to keep purchasing… you may not want to purchase this product simply because it may take a long time to finish  and if you’re like me doing a Project 10 pan and this is one of the items on your list.. it will never end… lol 

So for some of my makeup friends who love to visit wonderful world every week or every other week when they get paid this may not be the best buy..  but it’s a great product that does not expire on you quickly… yay for another nyx great product….

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How long have you been wearing makeup?

How long have you been using makeup?? To me I’ve been using it all my life… jk.. but I used makeup since high school.. I had bad acne in my teenage years and also have inherited bad skin .. thanks mom and dad…. So I used cheap makeup to cover the acne and the acne scars… I only wish I knew then what I know now.. if only someone at pennywise would have stopped me from buying those cheap foundations… now when I see ppl with bad acne buying certain foundations I actually stop and tell them they are beautiful without the foundation… its interesting to see how they look shocked… one lady was almost to tears she said that was the sweetest thing anyone ever told her.. she then told me about her bad acne and I told her in my teenage years I had it really bad and used cheap makeup she was shock to know that it was better to leave her face alone as against trying to cover it up… she didn’t even know that she needed to cleanse her face twice a day and at least use a moisturizer… so of course I stood there giving a makeup101 course while the pennywise sales clerk looked irritated that I cut her sale… lol

It then occurred to me that there are many people in Trinidad and maybe even in the world, in general, who do not know about proper face hygiene so to speak. They just slap on makeup and they are good to go.. then comes the breakouts and discoloration etc… one rule of thumb in makeup world is never to use cheap foundation…. To me you can survive with cheap eyeshadows if you have a good base… but cheap foundation just damages your skin… and cleansing, toning and moisturizing are so important.. ppl just take them for granted…. I honestly don’t mean to bash the cheaper foundation brands.. but when I watch my face in the mirror I swear I see the names of cheap brands all over it. I have actually decided that it wont hurt to invest in buying a good brand of foundation whatever the coverage that is needed… when you look at the amount of application you get from it… sometimes it works out next to nothing.. e.g. Revlon Colorstay foundation when I bought mine I paid $10.49US I think the price either went up or I got mine on sale… and I’ve had my bottle for about 4 months now and its half empty…. So I’m thinking I may get another 3-4 months use of it.. that is say 8 months use.. on an average of 30 days in a month.. that is on average 240 days… now divide that $10.49 by 240 that’s 0.04us that works out to 0.25c TTD imagine that its .25ttd a day for the foundation more than definitely work my money… I’m not sure how much pennywise has it for… gotta go do some research… [sorry I didn’t do it prior] and will see how much it works out per day.. I’ve had a Revlon color stay that lasted up to a year… so its all up to you…

I just realize that the questioned asked a the beginning of this post was How long have you been using foundation.. and here I am talking about buying foundation… lol

I have been using foundation since my teenage highschool years  I think it was somewhere around 14 years old… What year did you start using foundation..??

Friday, December 10, 2010

Simply Blogging

So here I am doing another blog offline with hopes of actually uploading…. So I blogged on Monday hoping to blog for the whole week… but didn’t.. its not that I didn’t think about blogging.. I did  I thought all week of what I could blog about and yet I didn’t find the time to blog… its been crazy… can’t wait for vc.. cant wait to go flying and exploring…. With the kids and hubby…

Wanna hear something funny… all week I kept thinking about topics I could possible blog about… and I didn’t get the chance to blog now I’m in front of the laptop I don’t know what to blog about  writer’s block.. ?? 

I recently did my eye makeup and realize I’m not a mascara fan okay so I know I’ve not been a mascara fan for years… then I started using mascara then I got obsessed with mascara use and now I just put it on like it’s a drab… I don’t know why its just a drab for me I guess because I don’t think that mascara does anything major for me and I’ve tried a few… I don’t know what my mascara needs are.. as I just use it because I hate to see eyeshadow on my lashes so I just use mascara to “color” them black  I’ve tried some mascara that say they make your lashes look longer, some say they give you volume… to be honest I use mine to just color my lashes and I try to use waterproof as I tend to rush my eyes a lot and cry for silly things as I’m so super emotional lol the great thing with the mascara though is that I throw them out after 6 months I had one that I used for year then read a review that said 3 months… then I decided to check it out and realize that the average life span of a mascara would be 3-6 months depending on how often you use it… interesting now I don’t get that much time to do eye makeup… so I use my mascara like twice a week… so you know I am throwing out mascaras that are about half filled .. but the risk of an eye infection is priceless so its work me throwing out…

Do you have a favorite mascara if so comment and say which brand is your favorite and why…. As I’m trying out different brands right now.. I currently have one for nyx [still new] one from Maybelline [I’m using] and one from kleancolor [using]. I have used mac, Clinique, loreal, almay and Revlon oh also ELF to me the ELF worked as great as the MAC and Clinique.. oh I’ve used Bare Minerals and a sephora one… cme to think about it there may be other brands I’ve used that I can’t remember…

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogging again...

So Marsha posted an entry in her blog about individuals just blogging about things in their everyday life. I remembered when i started blogging it was 2 sometimes 3 entries per day. i also realised that i was able to express myself much better. now i keep thinking to myself i'm not getting out whats in my head in the right way, or i simply just can't express my thoughts out in words... which is sad because i "used to" excel in expression. would blogging solve my problem.. i doubt it but it may help..

I realized today one of my main pet peave in makeup in the creasing on my eyelid when I don’t wear any eye makeup… I’ve tried a number of things to just not see the crease.. nothing has worked for me not sure if anyone has any helpful tips that I can try … here’s what I’ve tried so far

• Putting foundation on my eyelid and just like my face makeup I set it with powder… my face remains oil free but I can fry an egg on my eyelid..

• Not putting foundation or anything on my lid… I can fry more than an egg I can fry a whole chicken

• Placed concealer on my lid and set with powder.. worked better than the foundation in terms of lasting longer without creasing but when the creasing became evident, it was worst than with the foundation

• Placed a primer on my lid without eyeshadow … this worked a bit but because I didn’t set it after a while it creased

• Placed primer added a bit of eyeshadow to set the primer… next thing I had on eye makeup with mascara and liner … the works.. lol eyes did not crease 

So that is my plight and the one thing in makeup that is irritating me….what irritates you right now with your makeup??

Oh, before I end I’ve tried a new Clinique liquid foundation.. don’t have it with me here while I’m blogging can’t remember its name  but I’m trying it out for the first time and I also bought a beauty treat lipgloss that was in a chubby short tube for 5.95 I think or 6.95 but I thought it was a lot for the cost.. haved used it for two days now will do a review soon about it… haven’t tried the tube ones as yet … have so many lipglosses out.. but somehow I always end up back with my elf mineral lipgloss or my avon glazewear…. Love love these two… and they are both around the same in price..