Monday, November 10, 2014

Sale: Too Faced better than sex mascara mini

Sale: Too Faced better than sex mascara mini



Friday, November 7, 2014

Small Pennywise Haul

Small Pennywise Haul

Needed a couple things in Pennywise so I decided to venture to the makeup counter. I was inquiring on the Sacha intense matte lipstick collection of which they had only wicked in stock. While I was at the counter I ended up getting these items. 

Sacha cosmetics Wicked lipstick from their intense collection $26.95ttd

Sacha cosmetics eye shadow adhesive $40 something (can't remember)

Caramia earth secret eye shadow trio $20 something lol 

Rimmel London Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner in 290 Precious Gold $28.95ttd

Sunday, November 2, 2014

L.A. Colors Swirl lip gloss - Red Swirl Review and Swatch

Purchased at Dollar Tree ($1usd)

Simple packaging black cap, clear tube and product is red with a peachy silver swirl. Contains 0.22fl oz 6.6ml of product and has 24m of life. This product was Made in China and is Distributed by Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc. 

When swatches one gets a frosty red color. It's a bit opaque in application. However very glossy and sticky in consistency. 

Wear time is considerably long if one does not eat or if lips do not make contact with anything 💋💋

Does not stain lips but the shimmer does linger a bit on the lips. 

The scent is a plastic bubblegum scent. Feels cheap on the lips and has a weird pleasant at first but then cheap right after scent. I know that sounds weird but that's the best I can describe it. Feels really cheap on the lips. And feels really tacky as it wears off. 

(Top: one application Bottom: three applications) 

Rate this product 2/5

Little bit of product compared to other lip glosses purchased at the Dollar Tree. Scent is not the best. Feel on lips is not totally pleasant. 

Would not repurchase or recommend.