Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kleancolor Bronzer

I finally hauled all three of the kleancolor bronzers. These bronzers are really huge - 21.6g of product in pan. I paid $18ttd each at Wonderful World. From my knowledge, there are only 3 in this collection - 01 Sol, 02 Luna, 03 Estrellas
I have been using 01 Sol as highlighter for a couple of months and have been enjoying its use. In depth review and swatches will come soon.

New stuff I sighted at Wonderful World

So I stopped by two Wonderful World stores (WW) Grand Bazaar (GB) branch and West Mall (WM) branch. I noticed a couple new things and I thought I'll share with you 😊
LA colors mood instinctive lipgloss - one shade that will adjust - $15ttd
Cala Brush belt and Brush holder $145ttd each
Profusion Get the Look palettes - there were three on the display. I forgot the price but I think they were around $15 or $20ttd

Did not purchase any of these items. If you have purchase please feel free to share your thoughts.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sale alert at Pennywise

These are the sale items that caught my attention at Pennywise. Plz feel free to add any others you notice in your comments. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wet n Wild Spotlight Peach swatch

Wet n Wild Illuminating mega glow Spotlight Peach
This is in this week's basket on my YouTube channel roannavm so far I really like this product. Will do an indepth review soon.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swatches of my Sacha Products

As promised here are the swatches of the Sacha products I hauled a couple days ago. I tried natural light and flash. Review soon to come on products. For my haul post see my previous post I'll link it for you.
Sacha's blush
Sacha's lipstick
3 Sacha's nailpolishes

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sacha cosmetics haul

So this is like a shocker for me. I've not been a fan of Sacha's products. I've tried a few products like their foundations and they just did not work for me so I blinded my eyes to the brand. I started venturing out with Arista, a side brand of Sacha, not sure if it's sister, daughter or another self of Sacha. A separate review will come on my Arista haul. After I started using Arista I decided I would try Sacha again, but this time I would stay away from the foundations. I decided to purchase my Sacha products from Pennywise as its much cheaper than the Sacha image centers and kiosk.
Here's what I purchased:
3 nailpolishes in Burn baby Burn, Fall in love, and Headline news $9.95 each
1 lipstick in Bouganvilla $24.95
And a blush in Party Glow $34.95

I will show swatches of the products in a separate post

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wonderful world and Pennywise haul

So this evening I did a bit of shopping with a friend. She wanted to get some of the Body Shop body butters and L.A. Girl glide gel pencils. I also wanted an Acai body butter and a backup of the Macademia butter. While I was in Pennywise I picked up 4 Arista lipsticks and 1 Rouane lipstick. At Wonderful World I added 2 more of the
L.A. Girl glide gel pencils. I got navy blue and deep bronze. Swatches will come later

Haul Elf Balm Tint

So I hauled the new Elf Balm Tint sold at but it's available so many other places. You can check out Halenér Rustique for these. The four colors available are: Nude, Peach, Grapefruit, and Berry. Swatches will come soon in another post. Leave a comment if you would be interested!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My DIY Lavfuchsia lipstick

So here's my Lavender fuchsia lipstick combo with natural outdoor light.. or what I call my Lavfuchsia combo

Top Swatch: Jordana Hot pink lipstick and Halener Rustique's Jet blue pigment
Bottom Swatch: Arista Matte pink lipstick and Halener Rustique's Jet Blue pigment

Haven't found names for them as yet.. but working on it.. if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below :) thanks much...
You will definitely be seeing these babies on my lips in my upcoming fotd, lotd, pics and vids :)))

DIY: making my own Lavendar/Purple lipstick

If you know me... and follow me on YouTube (roannavm), my facebook page: you would know I am on a purple/lavender lipstick craze.. which I think may be everyone else in makeup world as its so hard to find purple lipsticks in-store.  I have quite a few actually and in hunting for backups I realise I couldn't find any.  In the quest for the Lavender/purple lipstick I realise that I more favored a Lavender/Fuchsia colored lipstick.. I did not want purple lips that were dark vampy looking.. I wanted bright popping purple lips!
I love pigments.. love to work with them as they are so versatile.. I have been using them for years now to mix things and create new exciting products.  This project was one such.  I decided to use some of my backup pink lippies and change them into bright lavender/fuchsia lipsticks.. my new names for this kind of lipstick.... Lavfuchsia lol :))
For this project I used:
empty jars (5gram and 10gram..... larger jars are not needed but smaller ones may not work)
pink lipsticks (I used Jordana hot pink lipstick and Arista Matte pink lipstick)
Blue pigment (I used Halener Rustique's Jet Blue pigment)
small spatula (or a knife can work you need to slice the lipsticks...)
a mixing tool (I used a kabob skewer.. toothpicks can work or a metal fork or butter knife)
a metal spoon (tablespoon preferrable)
papertowels or babywipes to help with clean up
Fire (I used my stove, you can use a candle.. the stove melts it much faster)

So here's what I did:
I placed a paper towel on my kitchen counter near to my stove and placed the jar, lipstick, pigment, spatula, and mixing tool there..
I prefer to make the lipstick in batches as i'm experimenting with color.. I did not want it to get to dark.
I sliced a bit of the lipstick like 1/2 an inch and placed in the spoon and light my flame.  i added a pinch of blue pigment on top of the lipstick.
I then placed the lipstick over the flame for 10 seconds and removed it.  If you leave it there it can burn and your lipstick can get ruined.  I take the mixing tool and stir the lipstick and pigment together.  Your lipstick will start to melt you use the heat from the spoon to melt the lipstick.  When you think the spoon is cooling down you place it in the flame again for another 5-10 seconds.  when the lipstick chunk is fully melted, you need to mix well.

When that is done, I pour into my jar. I use the mixing tool to test..make sure the mixing tool and the mixture is cool, you dont want to burn yourself, so be careful.
If I like the color pay off, then I repeat the exact process again until I have the right amount I desire.  If you dont like the color you will need to adjust .. if its too dark you will want to melt more of the lipstick and add it to the mixture, if its more pink you will need to just tap into the jar a bit more of the blue pigment.
You then leave your mixture to cool, where it becomes firm.. or back to the consistency of a lipstick.

Another method that can be used.. but I dont too like it as I loose more product.. this method requires you to put the lipstick in a ware bowl (avoid plastic as its not safe to heat certain types of plastics in the microwave), add the pigment on top of the lipstick or next to it in the bowl.  Place in the Microwave for 20 seconds, remove and mix.  You can then pour into your smaller jar.  I lost a lot of product with this method but its quicker.

So what did I use to get my gorgeous.. beautiful lavender/fuchsia.. Lavfuchsia lipsticks.. (I need to come up with names for these babies... )
Combo 1
Jordana hot pink lipstick and Halener Rustique's Jet blue pigment
Combo 2
Arista matte pink (really hot bright pink lipstick) and Halener Rustique's Jet blue pigment
End Product.......
Top is the Jordana mixture and the Bottom is the Arista.. as you can see the Arista is much more pigmented.  Looks more pink in pic and photo but its more Lavender.. Will try to post another pick using Natural outdoor light.  This pic was natural light but indoors.  If you do try out your own mixture let me know what you came up with ... Have fun....


  • 1 lipstick can be melted into 1 5gram jar
  • melt lipstick in portions especially if you plan on using the whole stick
  • using a wooden mixing tool is much easier with testing.. a metal mixing tool takes longer to cool for you to test, and you may burn yourself or the mixture will already firm up
  • you can use empty jars from a number of products you already own just wash carefully and in some cases pour boiling water over the product to sanitize it/them
  • you can use a combination of lipsticks with different finishes and different color pigments (your options are limitless)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wonderful World Haul

So these are the things in total I hauled from Wonderful World (WW) for the past week. I am going to stay away from WW lol 😝. I think though that I have all that I wanted to get. I only ran out and got stuff that I felt were good products. I will post pics of swatches later but here's what I got:
5 L.A. Colors GraFix eyeliners $15: Lime, Teal, Navy, Purple, Dark brown ((
9 L.A. Girl glide Gel liner $22 (cruelty free): Whiten, Champagne, Goldmine, Frosted taupe, Mermaid Teal, Limelight, Gypsy Teal, Smokey Charcoal, Very black
8 Jordana's Sweet n' Smooth lipbalms: $15 Tropical punch, Delicious Tangerine, Vanilla Cake, Yummy strawberry, Juicy raspberry, Sweet mango, Succulent cherry, Tasty watermelon.
7 L.A. Girl Hydration + Color lipsticks $15
(cruelty free): Pink wink, Bold pink, Wild child, Flushed, Forever, Passion flower, Razzle dazzle
6 L.A. Girl Colorbalm (cruelty free) $15: Tokyo Orange, London nude, Paris Pink, LA Party pink, Rome red, New York Latte,
2 L.A. Girl 3D effects Hologram nail polish (cruelty free)- $22 Teal Dimension, Electric Coral
1 Kleancolor nail lacquer $10 Lavenbaby
3 L.A. Colors nail polish $10 (cruelty free) Wisteria, Hottie, Confetti

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New goodies at Wonderful World

I thought I'll share with you the new goodies sighted at Wonderful World. I had to share. Check out my keeks: sweetzrv and my YouTube channel for haul vids.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

L.A. Girl color balms

Presenting the New L.A. Girl color balms. There are six colors in total for this collection. I was able to pick up all six at two Wonderful World stores: Trincity mall and Grand Bazaar. I'm currently using Tokyo Orange but I've swatched the others. An in depth review will follow soon, as Im playing around with these lip balms.

New L.A. Colors lipstick

I saw a new display holding about 30-40 lipsticks from L.A. Colors. Packaging was different from the older form. I was super excited hoping these new one would be better formulated than the older ones. I got LIP9 Pink Wink, LIP21 Razzle Dazzle (name sounds familiar) , LIP17 Bold pink and LIPC40 Flush.
All colors that I bought were creme finishes but there were others which shimmers. Did not see any that looked matte. There were no testers do that was hard to figure out. Bought my 4 at Wonderful World West Mall. I wanted a fuchsia colored one but it was sold out. That may the only other color I may want to get. In depth review will follow.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nails of the day

This is the nails I'm rocking. I'm not too skilled with nail stuff but I try a lil something ever so often ☺