Wednesday, October 23, 2013

City Color Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadows

City Color Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadows

I purchased three of these Eyeshadows and I'm so happy that I did. I paid $10ttd at Wonderful World. There were only 6 to choose from and i chose 3 out of the 6.  

What I didn't purchase included a duo chrome baby pink, duo chrome lilac and a white. The swatches of the three I purchased with speak for itself. 

I love these and have used them. The wear time is amazing. Very pigmented and blends well not too shimmery either. Would recommend these three. 
Would rate them 4.75/5 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

City Color Cosmetics Highlight in Sparkle

City Color Cosmetics Highlight in Sparkle 
Purchased at Wonderful World Chaguanas for $25ttd
This product has 0.520 oz or 15.00g 
Its lifetime is 12m
I've used this highlighter for a bit and I absolutely enjoy this product.  Its amazing amount for the price. I love that it does not contain any glitter at all. It's really a nice natural highlight that lasts all day. Its so super cute and amazing detailing on the top. I will definitely recommend this product.

This is what the product looks like
Swatched Heavily with my finger

Swatched heavily on back of my hand. The consistency is so buttery and smooth. Applies very smooth and it's buildable. 

Close up look of the highlighter. The flower detailing is super cute. 
Love this product. 

Will rate this product 4.75/5

Sunday, October 20, 2013

City Color Cosmetics at Wonderful World

I decided that after my horrible customer service at Wonderful World West Mall, that i would give WW a break.. I was spending way too much money for horrible service.  But as I was waiting on a dear friend in Long Circular Mall I decided to pop in to the WW store thats located on the main floor.  As i went to the makeup section, I was pleasantly surprise to see City Color Cosmetics.  I started looking for all the other items. After I located them, I started taking pics.. You know I had to get the word to all my subbies, followers, makeup lovers... just had to get the word out to everyone.  So I  hauled a bit and then the next day I happened to be in the Chaguanas area and decided to check the WW store at Center City mall.  I did not have my phone so I was unable to take pics, but they did have a wide selection than the Long Circular mall branch, so of course I hauled again.  Below are photos of the displays at the Long Circular branch and the last pic is of what I hauled from the Center City mall branch.  I have recorded a vid on the hauls so you can check out my channel: for that vid.. I am also using most of these products in this week's basket...
If you did haul please let me know what you bought or what you saw...

From my second haul at the Center City mall branch..
Dont forget to check out my youtube channel for my haul vid...

Thanks for watching