Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Victoria's Secret haul

Just another small haul from Victoria's Secret.... went back today to play with their new eyeshadows... yesterday when i went the testers had not reach in store yet and the girl said they would reach in today... i actually played with a few of the $10 ones [silky eyeshadow]... well i'm not as pleased with it as i was yesterday :( some of the colors are really frosty that you dont see the colors properly all u see is just frost over your eyes... and others have chunky glitter in them... you would really need to play around and see what works for you.. they have a few matt colors and what i did was swatch the matt colors and then take a shimmer or frosty eyeshadow and put it on top of it.... i bought fierced which is a black colors with shimmer i really wanted gilded fierced which has gold reflects in it...but they didn't have that one... and i bought a makeup bag which is rather cute.. i wanted something to fit into my purse really well... i also bought a few of their anti bacterial gels... [not seen in photo...]

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fafi said...

love the makeup bag and that color is really hot!!