Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Rouane Lipsticks

Rouane lipsticks

Left to Right
Romance (coral with gold) and Sangria (Bold blue purple lippie but looks more like a red blue lipstick)

Cost is about $8ttd not expensive at all.. and can be purchased at Pennywise. Both colors look great on my hand but on my lips..... not so great. Well i guess my preference at this time is for nude lavender pink mauve kinda color :) but in my opinion neither color looks great on my lips. Texture... they are pretty moisturizing not hard at all easy to apply, and soft to the touch. they apply very smooth. on the left i did one swatch and on the right is two swatches they are very pigmented. For the cost i think they are great to help add to any collection. The color variety for this brand isn't that big and nudes are hard to find, i dont know if its because they are always sold out :) anyone else who is familiar with this brand please let me know if there are nude colors.. i would love to tried out some new colors.
The packaging is pretty cheap but nothing horrible to work with..
Would i repurchase.. yes and no yes i would repurchase this brand .. and no i wont repurchase these colors... the Romance color is a coral color and that is the color for spring and summer this year.. but somehow it does not work with me..

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