Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogging for the New Year!!!

So, I decided to yes find time at least once a week to blog... yes i'm starting with once a week.. taking baby steps here.. :)
I'm not going to say i'm back :) because I did that a lot in the past. 

I'm hoping to get at least one blog a week or maybe two, if I do four yayyy :) but I need to post at least once a week.

I have so much to share with you, bought new products, tried them out, some I love some I hate..
My new year's resolution is not to buy uneccesary makeup.. like really yes... i know that may be hard for me to do but guess what i'm doing great so far :)  I really want to use up most of what I have before purchasing.  So what i've decided to do is each week use a new set of products excluding foundation, primers, moisturizer and eye cream.  At the beginning of each week i decide what products i'll be using. 

This week for blush i'm using maybelline mineral blush is coral, my great lash mascara, avon blackest black luxury liner, elf mineral eye primer in blushing and for eyeshadow i'm using my elf little black beauty book in the warm collection i absolutely love this collection (i use the lip colors in it for this week also).  I recorded a new review on the elf beauty book, but for some strange reason i'm having problems uploading it so i'm hoping to have it uploaded soon, if it works i'll link it here later.

What products are you loving?  What new this year will you be doing makeup wise?? I'll love to hear from you...

This is all for now.. until i blog again chao!

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misty said...

oh my wish I had your discipline...with me is all want want
but with a baby on the way gotta prioritize:)
keep up the interesting blogs....take care