Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My new Project - Products to Finish

Products to Finish (PIF) is where I plan to use up a number of product by December 31, 2013. I started this project July 11, 2013. I decided to make a list but won't list the exact item until I see it is close to finishing. I really want to use up items but not be on the typical Project Pan, as I would still like to have the option of being able to purchase items.  So here is my list and it's not limited As i need to use up as many products by the end of this year. 

Products to Finish
Products I want to finish 
1 face moisturizer
1 face primer
2 foundations/bb cream
2 setting powders
1 contour bronzer
1 blush
1 setting spray 
1 eyeshadow primer ??
1 eye shadow base
Complete 3 eyeshadowz
1 eyeliner pencil
1 eyeliner pen/liquid 
1 mascara primer
3-4 mascaras
1 brow product
2 lip balm
2 lip liners
1-2 lipstick
1 lipgloss 
eye makeup removers
3 pk of wipes
1 eye cream
1 night cream 
1 cleanser 
3-4 body lotions/butters
4 body washes 
2 splashes
2 perfumes
4 inexpensive toilettes 
3 hair treatment/oils 

1 comment:

Ebonie Williams said...

I haven't finished anything that I've been using except for an eos lip balm. I have so many makeup products, and I use a different one every day.