Sunday, September 28, 2014

Makeup decluttering and no buy

I felt like sharing this and I may have a vlog accompanying this blog just discussing these topics. 
Decluttering: yes I am!!! At first I would start and then put items in a bag then I would miss the item and pul it back in lol but I have been faithful. I actually gave quite a bit of makeup away. Others I'm uploading here on this blog for sale. The experience is quite challenging as most of my makeup has a story... An experience .. They are my pplz lol most persons would not understand lol but it's like saying but to friends. Especially those that I used a bit. I've decluttered like 10 blushes and about 10 small eyeshadow palettes. I may do foundations soon and face powders. I'm hoarding these items and it's sad for me to let go but I really want them to get used and loved. 
Even though I've been uploading hauls most of those have been over the summer. So I checked to date I haven't hauled for a month. I have not purchased anywhere recently. I did have a couple items I received like two weeks ago but I ordered like 3 weeks prior. As you know I'm an avid eBay and online shopper so this was also hard. 
What have I learnt?
I started using so much more of my collection. I have seen new limited edition items but I've turned my eyes away. I have decided to keep digging in my collection for similar colors etc. this helps a bit. I don't need any new makeup. I have tonnes of everything so for the next few months I'll be trying extra hard lol and hopefully I can pump out more reviews for you all on the products I'm currently using. 
Of course I love feedback so how are you fellow makeup lovers doing? 

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