Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wonderful world - Grand Bazaar makeup corner

So I had to get out and do some retail therapy. Don't need anymore makeup and I really was not planning to get anything. Nothing was on my wish list. There were stuff I have had my mind on getting but nothing was a need 😊

Will post pics of my haul soon but just thought I'll share some interesting finds and goodies I noticed were in stock. 

I love these I have the nude still. I had the blue. These are definitely worth the price $18ttd each
These were back in stock. The nudes is amazing. I have it in this week's makeup basket.  
$50 a piece is not bad. Have wanted these since I first saw them on Instagram. 
What caught my eye was how pretty this area looked and the lip paints were restocked and also the Kleancolor eggs were in stock. Kinda wanted to get the egg tray but resisted have too many lip balms
Princessa pencils and shadow sticks. Was curiousabout these also 
 This was the first display that caught my eyes. Kleanista from Kleancolor $10 a piece ... Wide color range. 

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