Friday, July 31, 2015

Caramia Cosmetics Moisturizer spf15 first impression

Bought this at Pennywise for $19.99ttd 
I recently got some other Caramia products and wanted to explore more products in the line. I was tempted to purchase their cream to powder foundation and one of their loose powders but the rep at the Trincity mall branch was not very helpful. I decided to explore their skincare. moisturizer was purchased!!

Packaging nothing too special looking. 
Has a mild scent which I think is pleasant, I really do not mind it. 
Absorbs well into the skin. 
Face feels soft after use and even a while after use (currently it's just 35 mins since I have it on)
Feels mattifying on face (someone from the Facebook group: The Beauty Project did tell me this.. And she's so right) 

A little pea size is all that's required for entire face - a little goes a long way. 

I have a very pleasant first impression and I will definitely be using this tomorrow under my makeup. I will do a comprehensive review in the next few weeks on my YouTube channel: roannavm

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