Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

I am really back this time.  Work and school has kept me busy but things have settled down a bit and I can start blogging again.  Over the weekend I was in Boston, and at the Boston Logan Airport, American Airlines terminal, the DutyFree store had Urban Decay for 50% off.  They are discontinuing their sales of UD and so they were selling off their stock.  I got a few things, all the palettes were gone, their liners had like three colors, they had tonnes of shadows which at this time I regret not buying... after I made my purchase I kept saying I would go back, but then I ran late with my flight :( so I did not get to go back.  I will post that haul for you soon.  I also went to a CCO and bought a Clinique foundation, I have never used their foundation before.  I also got some stuff at Sally's and they were like 50% off, and lastly, I got some stuff from ELF.  I haven't really bought anything all year, and i've pretty much finished most of the items I had on my project 10 pan, and even finished other items too, so I thought why not splurge a bit.  So look out for a haul, I plan on doing a few reviews, and then I'll post some looks....So stay tuned....

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