Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Haul: Target and CVS items

I bought some items in Target and CVS, haven't used them as yet, but wanted to post the haul and ask you guys about the products.   They are new to me and I bought them to try them out.  I'm looking for a nice face wash to go along with a wash i'm currently using [I will post the brand and type later].  I'm so into nail polishes right now, so when I was at CVS i saw the brand Confetti, never saw/heard about them before, and thought i'll try them out.  So i bought two fall shades to try out.
Here's what I got:
  • Up & Up facial astringent acne medication sensitive skin [very anxious to try this]
  • Up & Up maximum strength acne medication benzoyl peroxide gel [tried this last night] will do a review in a few days
  • Clean and Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser
  • Neutrogena Body Clear body wash [bought this for my niece she's 11yrs old and her upper  body is breaking out bad]
  • Sally Hansen Moist and Matte liquid lip color in Velvet [never saw this before in my life, but was curious as to it being liquid and still giving that matte look.  its a great fall color too.
  • Confetti nail polishes in 055 Dressed to the 9's and 041 Masquerade Ball [looking at them from the bottle the consistency look a bit on the thin side, which means that the color is buildable.  not sure if i would like that or not.. gotta try it and let you know
If you have tried these products before let me know how they work for you.  I will definitely do some reviews after I've tried them a bit.  But so far I'm impressed with the Up&Up Maximum strength acne medication used it last night and pimple is almost gone :)

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Aesthetic Glory said...

let me know how the Body Clear goes for yu, i wanted to try it out.. i live by their Cream Cleanser

i hear matte nail polishes chip quickly bc yu can't put a top coat over it

i bought essie's & elf's matte topcoat, but i havn't had a chance to try then out yet.. i like the d idea of changing ne polish into matte, the possibilities r endlessss *evil laugh*