Friday, January 28, 2011

Products I loved in December 2010

Products I’m loving right now
There are a few new products I’m loving and I find myself drawn to them during the month of November… so in a sense this can be called my November favorites.. some of the products however have been in my October favorites 
     My elf complexion brush.. I love using this for a light application of blush or for highlighting my cheek bones… awesome brush
     My elf mineral primer… so I started using this product mainly to review it and do a comparison to the udpp (cant say TFSI  simply because it just doesn’t work for me) and I’ve end up using this more than my udpp.  It does not have as long a staying power as udpp has for me.. **udpp lasts more than 12 hours for me **.  This mineral primer lasts around 8 hours on average, if I’m in the sun it works up to about 6 hours which is great for me.  So as a cheaper alternative to my udpp I’m definitely repurchasing… I tend to grab this more often since my work day is generally about 6 hours if I know my day will be longer and I have to be in the sun I will grab my udpp as long as I’m wearing eye makeup… but it’s a great alternative… definitely recommend
     Nyx eye jumbo pencil in milk… I’ve started using this almost everyday now… I usually use it like once or twice, but since I’ve been swatching my pigments with it I realized that I love the color payoff with it so now I’m grabbing it everytime I do eyemakeup.. my poor other pencils are suffering… I am so upset I have like 5 of mac’s shadesticks…. :( need to do a review on this soon.. wont recommend
     Nyx lip gloss,  I paid $15 for this at wonderful world it was originally $40 but apparently no one was buying it and  was clearance out now I know it’s a possibility that this product is “old” stock so I’ve decided to try using it as often as possible instead of grabbing my elf’s mineral lip gloss (great dupe for mac’s lipglass) I have the color in ...ahh i can't remember this gloss works amazing.. now some might say it’s a bit too sticky but its not all that bad.. its not too thin but its not too sticky its sticky enough to grab unto your lips and stay for a while.. I think it has great staying power if you don’t go crazy with your lips… I have consumed food and still had this lipgloss on.  Would definitely recommend and repurchase…
     My nyx long lip liner…I absolutely love this product.. can’t say when I’ll repurchase since one lasts me close to 2 years.. lol and I have 2 new ones and 1 I’ve started using and then my infamous one that has been on my project 10 pan for more than a year 
     My favorite blush this month was a color I made for my business Halener Rustique called “Winter Queen” as a pigment it is very versatile.. being a pink/mauve/rose color it  great to give ur cheeks some color and its buildable.. if you want a more rosey cheek you can just build it or if you want to use it for a light color its also great as a highlighter if you use a light fluffy brush… awesome color (if I don’t say so myself  )
     Favorite eyeshadow honestly would come from pigments from my store, I’ve been using rocksinger in my crease a lot which is a close dupe to one of Mac's eyeshadow which again i can't remember or according to Marsha from Aesthetic Glory, it is a dupe..  thanks Marsha… on my lid I’m going for Apple candy (which I’m also using as a highlighter and blush), spiced pumpkin.  I’ve also grabbed my Urban Decay shadow in “Baked” quite a few times as it’s a great highlight color or even as a lid color when I want just a simply bollywood neutral eye look…
     Clinique’s Foundation Superfit  I’ve used this for about half of November.. and I’m loving it it has a powder finish.. so I call it my liquid to powder… have about medium coverage which is what I generally go for… or a full coverage… has long staying powder which is what I love best about it…I applied it with my mac 187 stippling brush.. I think this application works best with this foundation.. I heard that mac’s 109 works well but I love my 187
So those are the products I’m loving that I can remember now  if I have any other will definitely post….

That was a post I had to do since the beginning of December and blogger wasn't allowing me to upload.. I will do a compilation of products i loved in 2010 and products i'm currently loving...


Marsha said...

i still need to try TFSI

i use milk ALL THE TIME NOW.. i can't stop, it really makes a difference

woop woop, ah get a mention! lol yep a dupe that's better than the original at that!


TeaserhiMUA said...

I still heart TFSI :) and like you guys i take my MILK everywhere with me lol.. great post!!!