Thursday, January 27, 2011

Products I regret buying

So I just watched a video on youtube and the person was saying products they regretted buying and i thought oh my i recently went through my collection and took out somethings I thought to myself I should not have bought.  So here is my January list of products I regretted buying.  Most of these items were either bought this month or last month (december 2010)
  1. Profound Eyeliner waterproof in black:  when i saw this liner i fell in love with the richness of the black from the liner i tested it out at the store and was "wowed-out!!" but when i bought it home to use it, i wasn't wowed out again :( yes the blackness of the liner is really true its not a dead black its really vibrant, but it takes longer than most liquid liners to dry so if you're in a hurry its a no no... then i noticed after an hour of wearing it my eyelids left itchy and after a while i couldn't help but itch them :) and boy did i get a realization. the liner started "flaking" off well more or less i could have peeled the liner off my lid....omg such a disappointment :( Cost $18 at Wonderful World..
  2. Klean Color waterproof mascara in black, i saw a review on Facebook about this mascara and i thought why not try it out the person did rave about it.  Well it is waterproof tested it during my Christmas vacation, but i have sensitive eyes and omg my eyes would burn with this mascara, i thought at first that maybe i had something in my eyes, but then i realise everytime i wore this mascara my eyes be irritated and have a burning sensation.. $15 at Wonderful World (i think its $15 or $12)
  3. Santee Liquid eyeliner and pencil eye liner.  I saw this at pennywise and I thought i should give it a try as it seemed something worthwhile to test.  but its a disappointment the pencil eye liner is a dull black and the liquid liner is a true black but has an awful scent and takes longer than the Profound liner to dry, i remember counting up to 60 seconds and it wasn't dried.  the tip is also a bit flimsy also.  Cost $9.95 at Pennywise.
  4. Elf All over cover stick, in Rosey Beige.  The color was a problem and the stick is soft.. it does not blend well on my skin and i just dont like it :) $1US at 
  5. Elf eyebrow Treat and Tame in medium:  I was hoping this product would work for me, i bought the dark and that was way too dark and the medium is more of a reddish brown :( and it dries up very quickly i bearly have this product for about 3 weeks and its almost dried out already on the (Tame side) having tried it like 3 times. $3US at
  6. Wet n Wild lipstick in number 906D its more of a bright burgundy red color.  The color does not suit me but the consistency of this lipstick is really hard and dry.  It does not guild on your lips and you have to wear a lipgloss with it.  it dries out your lip also, so you need to wear a lipbalm with it. $2.99US at CVS
  7. Loreal HIP duo in Brazen.  I love my HIP i love most of the products from this line, but this particular duo is hard.. this has to be the bad product in the batch it was produced in.  i can't get the shadow to pick up on my brush i tried scraping it off but then again when i apply my brush it just glides over it bearly picking up any product.. and this is with both colors.. so disappointed.  I bought this one at Pennywise can't remember how much i paid for it... 
  8. Sacha Fix-It spray Plus for Oily Skin - So my sister loves this product.. (not sure why) and I had the older Fix It from Sacha and hated it and then my sister asked me to purchase the new one for her .. and she told me it was  better than the first one... well guess what it isn't.. it just doesn't work for me.. i swear i spray on oil on my face because after a while my face gets so oily.  when i dont use the product my face does not get as oily as when I do use it.  New name, new packaging new price, same old product!!! $30TTD at Pennywise

So there are my 8 products I regret buying.. What in your recent or past purchases have you regret buying????
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TeaserhiMUA said...

Great list! gives me an idea for a post, hope you dont mind me doing the same since i have some products to rave about and to rant about as well.

Sweetz said...

of course not!! wish it could be added to my list so we can make a list of what not to buy :) it'll help us save!!!

Nikita said...

OMG....I fell into the trap of the interesting package by Profound too! It sucks. I had the same experience.

Likewise with the Santee pencil....its too hard and hence, not very pigmented.

Thanks on the heads up on the other stuff.