Friday, November 1, 2013

Diet Day 1 - Breakfast

So this morning was a challenge as I need to go to the grocery (tmi right) so I tried to make do with what I had available     I decided to go with a fruit parfait. 
Ingredient: fruit, yogurt and cereal
I used grapes as my fruit but if I have more fruits at home I love using about 2-3 fruits. I used peach yogurt my fav yogurt flavor and it has chunky pieces of fruit inside 😍😍😍. And I used honey Cheerios my fav... 
How you make the fruit parfait?
Put a layer of fruit then add a layer of yogurt and then sprinkle a layer of cereal. I then repeat this step until I run out of goodies. 

I love using just 1 prepackaged cup you buy at the grocery as my portion size. 
After I'm through I mixed some roasted nuts (salt free) sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and pecans (chopped) and sprinkled it on the top. 

So that's what my final product looks like. I have been making this on and off for breakfast since early January 2013 (new years resolution to eat healthy .... And yes it's November 😜😜😜) 
I love this and would recommend it for all who want to eat healthy and get more fruits in their diet. 

I may not update everyday but I will try my best when I can. Hope this was helpful. What's your favorite healthy breakfast combo? 


liaciaria said...

I must try this sometime, peach is my fav yogurt too

Ebonie Williams said...

I'm on a diet as well and I've been drinking smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Looks good :)

jessi lestari said...

I'm currently doing this! I started a week ago but found it hard to do every day so I have had to re-start it