Friday, December 10, 2010

Simply Blogging

So here I am doing another blog offline with hopes of actually uploading…. So I blogged on Monday hoping to blog for the whole week… but didn’t.. its not that I didn’t think about blogging.. I did  I thought all week of what I could blog about and yet I didn’t find the time to blog… its been crazy… can’t wait for vc.. cant wait to go flying and exploring…. With the kids and hubby…

Wanna hear something funny… all week I kept thinking about topics I could possible blog about… and I didn’t get the chance to blog now I’m in front of the laptop I don’t know what to blog about  writer’s block.. ?? 

I recently did my eye makeup and realize I’m not a mascara fan okay so I know I’ve not been a mascara fan for years… then I started using mascara then I got obsessed with mascara use and now I just put it on like it’s a drab… I don’t know why its just a drab for me I guess because I don’t think that mascara does anything major for me and I’ve tried a few… I don’t know what my mascara needs are.. as I just use it because I hate to see eyeshadow on my lashes so I just use mascara to “color” them black  I’ve tried some mascara that say they make your lashes look longer, some say they give you volume… to be honest I use mine to just color my lashes and I try to use waterproof as I tend to rush my eyes a lot and cry for silly things as I’m so super emotional lol the great thing with the mascara though is that I throw them out after 6 months I had one that I used for year then read a review that said 3 months… then I decided to check it out and realize that the average life span of a mascara would be 3-6 months depending on how often you use it… interesting now I don’t get that much time to do eye makeup… so I use my mascara like twice a week… so you know I am throwing out mascaras that are about half filled .. but the risk of an eye infection is priceless so its work me throwing out…

Do you have a favorite mascara if so comment and say which brand is your favorite and why…. As I’m trying out different brands right now.. I currently have one for nyx [still new] one from Maybelline [I’m using] and one from kleancolor [using]. I have used mac, Clinique, loreal, almay and Revlon oh also ELF to me the ELF worked as great as the MAC and Clinique.. oh I’ve used Bare Minerals and a sephora one… cme to think about it there may be other brands I’ve used that I can’t remember…

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