Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogging again...

So Marsha posted an entry in her blog about individuals just blogging about things in their everyday life. I remembered when i started blogging it was 2 sometimes 3 entries per day. i also realised that i was able to express myself much better. now i keep thinking to myself i'm not getting out whats in my head in the right way, or i simply just can't express my thoughts out in words... which is sad because i "used to" excel in expression. would blogging solve my problem.. i doubt it but it may help..

I realized today one of my main pet peave in makeup in the creasing on my eyelid when I don’t wear any eye makeup… I’ve tried a number of things to just not see the crease.. nothing has worked for me not sure if anyone has any helpful tips that I can try … here’s what I’ve tried so far

• Putting foundation on my eyelid and just like my face makeup I set it with powder… my face remains oil free but I can fry an egg on my eyelid..

• Not putting foundation or anything on my lid… I can fry more than an egg I can fry a whole chicken

• Placed concealer on my lid and set with powder.. worked better than the foundation in terms of lasting longer without creasing but when the creasing became evident, it was worst than with the foundation

• Placed a primer on my lid without eyeshadow … this worked a bit but because I didn’t set it after a while it creased

• Placed primer added a bit of eyeshadow to set the primer… next thing I had on eye makeup with mascara and liner … the works.. lol eyes did not crease 

So that is my plight and the one thing in makeup that is irritating me….what irritates you right now with your makeup??

Oh, before I end I’ve tried a new Clinique liquid foundation.. don’t have it with me here while I’m blogging can’t remember its name  but I’m trying it out for the first time and I also bought a beauty treat lipgloss that was in a chubby short tube for 5.95 I think or 6.95 but I thought it was a lot for the cost.. haved used it for two days now will do a review soon about it… haven’t tried the tube ones as yet … have so many lipglosses out.. but somehow I always end up back with my elf mineral lipgloss or my avon glazewear…. Love love these two… and they are both around the same in price..

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Marsha said...

yay.. yu posted!

I really need to find a foundation.. its jus that i never wear (usually spot conceal) but i shud have one for special occasions..

what irritates me is my concealer setting in the lines under my eyes.. i've tried primer.. i've tried using less.. patting.. diff. brushes.. ugh!