Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sacha cosmetics haul

So this is like a shocker for me. I've not been a fan of Sacha's products. I've tried a few products like their foundations and they just did not work for me so I blinded my eyes to the brand. I started venturing out with Arista, a side brand of Sacha, not sure if it's sister, daughter or another self of Sacha. A separate review will come on my Arista haul. After I started using Arista I decided I would try Sacha again, but this time I would stay away from the foundations. I decided to purchase my Sacha products from Pennywise as its much cheaper than the Sacha image centers and kiosk.
Here's what I purchased:
3 nailpolishes in Burn baby Burn, Fall in love, and Headline news $9.95 each
1 lipstick in Bouganvilla $24.95
And a blush in Party Glow $34.95

I will show swatches of the products in a separate post


Sav said...

I like Sacha's Second Skin foundation, did you try that one? The others are too cakey or heavy for my liking. I really like their blushes! You should get 'Barely Plum'!

Sweetz said...

Tudor your feedback I'm afraid to use their foundations. I will try barely plum Ty