Saturday, June 8, 2013

New L.A. Colors lipstick

I saw a new display holding about 30-40 lipsticks from L.A. Colors. Packaging was different from the older form. I was super excited hoping these new one would be better formulated than the older ones. I got LIP9 Pink Wink, LIP21 Razzle Dazzle (name sounds familiar) , LIP17 Bold pink and LIPC40 Flush.
All colors that I bought were creme finishes but there were others which shimmers. Did not see any that looked matte. There were no testers do that was hard to figure out. Bought my 4 at Wonderful World West Mall. I wanted a fuchsia colored one but it was sold out. That may the only other color I may want to get. In depth review will follow.

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Ebonie Williams said...

I love these particular lippies from la color. I found them on and I've ordered a ton of them. Very moisturizing and wear well on the lips.