Monday, August 19, 2013

Hauling from

So recently I got an order .. yes yes more elf.. you know i can't resist my eyeslipsface products.  They keep bringing out new products omg... I am always going crazy.  I got a couple other stuff which I will post here with time but for starters I got this palette
the elf studio prism palette in smoke
They also have another one called sunset but I felt that was going to be too neutral and I had a number of palettes that are very similar to it. 
Upon opening this palette.. I was really excited haven't done swatches  as yet.. will do that on camera in a haul or first impressions vid so check out my youtube channel: roannavm for that..
but the shadows look really awesome!!! so excited to try

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Ebonie Williams said...

Why haven't I seen this on elf's website? Running to the website now to check it out.