Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking away

So the stress continues a bit, as I had to walk away from a job I craved for!  I know it was everything I wanted my promotion to be, but it would have been so demanding, challenging and yet still fulfilling.  But I walked away, stupid right??? I think so in my head, but my heart is telling me I did the right thing.  Why?.. because I had to do it for the loves of my life.  I would have ended up being a slave to my job.  I enjoy the fact that my job is so flexible and I can be so involved in my boys life, trading that for $$$ will never work out.  why get $$ and then miss the moments, thats my thought! so as much as I am thinking walking away was omg horrific .. I know deep down inside I did the right thing... other jobs will always come up.... i hope lol..

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candice_ayoung said...

You definitely made the right choice, i to had to give up an excellent job offer with a company i always dreamed i would work with because it would demand to much of my time. I have two beautiful baby boys and i would sacrifice anything to be there for them. More money is not worth the missed moments...keep inspiring hun...God bless.