Monday, August 26, 2013

The Balm Stainiac - Berry Queen

The Balm Stainiac - Berry Queen lip and cheek tint
Received this in a birchbox last year and never really used it. Didn't seem like a great product at that time so I just added it to my collection and left it there. I did try it another time and thought it was really faint and did nothing much for my tanned skin.
I received a sample size 
I was really happy with this sample size as in using it I would get a fair knowledge of how it works. So I tried it as a lip tint. It was exactly that a tint... It bear.y appeared on my lips... But it dried out my lips and ugh I wasn't happy
So it was a failure for lips. 

Today is the 3rd day I'm wearing it on my cheeks ....
My first impression of it on my cheeks........
I applied it with my fingers ... Applied pretty sheer I added a bit more... I'm barely noticing it... I felt like I
 was wasting my time... My intention really was to use it as a base like what I use cream blushes for...
After I applied the Stainiac I barely saw anything on my cheek... But guess what??? My fingers were stained and it was really crazy pigmented.... Strange right??
Well I added my powdered blush and BAM❗❗❗❗
It looked hot....omg I was in love somehow it transformed my powdered blush... I wore it for a work day and even into the evening night and my b,USB combo lasted all day looking the same way it did when I had just applied it I'm like so wow-out
Love love... Now I noticed that my little tube seems to be half filled lol three plus uses with swatches and its half filled.. I'm a bit sad to date because its gonna finish soon
However, even though it seems to be an enjoyable experience on my cheeks I will purchase. I think there are a lot of cheaper and much more pigmented products available now that work wayyyyyy better than this product 

I will rate this 3/5 because it didn't work well as a lip tint ... My only wish is that it's much more pigmented that it can be worn alone...
Swatch not blended out....

Check out the Balm website for more info 

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Ebonie Williams said...

Can you say pigmented? Wow!!!