Tuesday, July 14, 2009

120 Eyeshadow palettes from Ebay

Hey everyone... hope your day is going great. I ordered three 120 palettes from ebay in early May 2009. I only received them last friday which was July 10, 2009. I took forever to post them here because I was sooooooooooooooooo annoyed. other than the palettes taking 2 months to get to me this was the condition in which i received them. In one of the palettes the hinge at the back was broken and the sides had broken off..

(if you would like to see larger pics i can make them larger didn't want to make this post pic heavy..

One has like 30 shadows that were shattered, another had about 15 eyeshadows that were shattered and another had like 10. In the listing it was stated that I would receive an eyeshadow brush with each and I only got one eyeshadow brush. I placed these orders in about a two week period yet the person shipped them all out together.. this is how the person packaged the palettes
just a layer of bubble wrap.. how on earth is that going to protect my palettes..steups.. i was so annoyed, I bought these are gifts for friends and now I gotta go and reorder, definitely not buying from that seller again.


Nicole said...

Holy CRAP! I would have been frigging furious, and demanded a refund. Did you? Did you contact them? That's completely ridiculous! Poor girl :(

Sweetz said...

hey girl... i did contact them and i did put in a dispute with paypal/ebay

cindycs said...

who was the ebay seller? because i just ordered a 120 palette from ebay and i want to know if its the same person so i don't get a ruined palette either

Gee xo said...

that really suckss :( hope you get a good seller next time you buy!


Sweetz said...

sorry now seeing the question... i bought it from vspassion88 i think it is... i got it so long after that the transaction was del from my account

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Just a layer of bubble wrap? jeez. stupid seller. -_-