Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review: Lush's Big shampoo

I got this in a small jar with the hair kit. This is what the Lush US site has about BIG

"Lemon-lime margarita shampoo adds shine and body to fine hairThe difference between a hefty, healthy hairdo and a lot of limp, lackluster locks? It's this saucy, sassy, salty shampoo! BIG combines shine-enhancing citrus juices with the beautifying, hair-buffing impact of sea salt and genuine sea water for a body-building regimen your fine hair won't sweat over. Good things can come in small packages, but for body-boosting boom you can't beat BIG! ""

So i've tried this about three times... to be honest i love love really helps with volume.. its not that dramatic but I have long straight hair and it really lacked body... i didn't realise it worked until i took a picture out and someone commented that my hair looked really nice and it looked like it had volume.. i had not put anything in it for volume except washing it with BIG.

After i got the compliment i decided to do a little research on the idea of sea salt, since I was told this is what give volume to hair in the BIG. Boy was i surprised when i realise ppl were bottling sea salt and making spritzers and jars full of sea salt scalp scrub or gel.

I decided to get my hand on some sea salt and maybe try this with my regular shampoo. I will add the sea salt to my regular shampoo and see if I will get volume to my hair. Other ingredients that are found in BIG that I could get my hands on are: organic lemon and lime juice, abd extra virgin coconut oil. So, I will add these to my regular shampoo and see if it'll work. I'll get back to you guys on this in about a week or two. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know... but definitely love the BIG, if my experiment does not work, I will surely go back to Lush and get myself a tub of BIG.

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