Thursday, July 9, 2009

Enjoying my Sud n Sass Soaps

I am enjoying my soaps.. but the only thing is that they are finishing too quickly :( my Black Cherry heart soap is finished--I got like 5 uses out of it.. I bought this scent in a bar soap too so i'm glad i have more of this scent.. my hubby loves it too ;) I'm going to finish the caramel bundt one and then go to my bars which i bearly have pieces of since I shared it with friends... these are way better than Lush's.. i keep telling myself I need to stay out of the Lush store :) I wish Elizabeth can come up with hair products ... that'll definitely keep me out of Lush... Well I'm off to work now... oh you can check out Suds n Sass because Elizabeth has updated her stock, she has the fizzy bath melts in and a 2 oz star shape soap .. also i she added some eyeshadow collections.. so check her site out at

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