Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review: Suds-n-Sass Strawberry Taffy soap

So I've finished my Strawberry Taffy heart soap... it was made with shea butter and strawberry seeds as its additive. OMG i was in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee I found myself lingering in my bathroom after my shower... I did not want to come out in the first place. It had a kola like scent not so much [in my opinion] a strawberry scent and my hubby was the one who said it smelt like the kola [so thats where i got that idea from].. i loved the strawberry seeds also... i gave my sister another soap that had the strawberry seeds in it and she said it was really nice....

This soap gave me like 5 washes.. and i mean i really used it. It lathered really well and when I rinsed, I noticed that my skin did not feel really dry and itchy... will definitely get this again...

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Ms. T said...

That is super cool. It looks like candy almost want to eat it lmao!

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Ms. T