Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Suds n Sass update

So i got another order from Suds n Sass, in this order I got in bars:
Vanilla Cupcake
Kazi Kazi
black cherry
I also got a heart soap in black cherry and a bundt in a caramel kinda scent again the label smudged off.. i got a sample in this..Taihitian vanilla...
I got a combo of types in terms of shea butter or goat's milk, i haven't tried the gylcerine formulation as yet... I have used the heart black cherry and loved it.. i think the heart soap gives like 4 uses similarly with the bundt its about 4-5 uses.. one thing i noticed with these soaps is that i can't get out of the shower :) i just want to stay and keep lathering my skin.. they smell absolutely great.. i am definitely going to order some of their butters... its a great line.. kudos to Elizabeth!! As I use the other soaps I will try to do timely reviews.. definitely love the soaps.. I can't try new ones anytime soon because I have like 7 5.5 bars and a few smaller ones..
I recommend that you keep these soaps in the fridge too.. also each bar can be sliced into 3-4 pieces so I recommend you store each one in a seperate zippy.. If you're interested in ordering you can go to Elizabeth's site at www.suds-n-sass.com

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