Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Nail Design and eye look for the weekend...using nyx products

So i did this design for the weekend... I used the base and top coat from my sally's haul and a nyx polish.. (which i can't remember now i will edit this later and add it when i grab my nailpolish bag) and my white and silver nail art nailpolish from kiss .... a friend told me it looks like an oriental symbol.. of course i have no clue i just did it at random...

I also did this look on friday.. the pictures did not come out too clear it was with nyx blues of course i dont remember the names because i used my tester palette from nyx that i have.. i have to match the numbers with the names from the catalog.. i tried this on myself because a friend wanted me to do her eyes using blues cause she was interested in getting some nyx shadows.. anyways this is what i came up with..

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