Friday, May 22, 2009

Review on Lush's SEXY PEEL soap

As promised as I use the soaps I will give my simple "in my opinion" reviews. I personally do not like lemon or lime products.. but my hubby loves citrus smelling things, so I decided to try this. I am glad that I did. It has a very refreshing zing to it... and i love love how it has citrus peel in the soap itself. It lathers well and as you use it the citrus peel comes out and does a little exfoliating.. but it smells up your shower.. you can't help but feel refreshed... so i used this on mornings..its not particularly moisturizing, but it doesn't dry out your skin either... when i use it i would simply come out of the shower and do my lotion as usual.. I bought a chunk that was worth like $7.00 and i cut a small piece out of it, I think I can get about 4 more good size pieces similar to the one I used for the sample. I was able to get about 6 showers with that chunk.. and i really did use it.. at first I didn't want to stop bathing :) lol or come out of the shower.. so I think its economical, its lathers great, the smell is absolutely refreshing, it leaves your shower smelling really yummy...will definitely buy again :) Hope my little review will convince you enough to at least try a sample when next you are visiting your Lush store.... have a good one... bye...

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